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The Haunted and the Hunted

book-coverRachael Simmons is a writer. She is being stalked by a book clerk who is a little mentally disturbed. He phones her and sends her flowers. She starts to ignore his calls, and he escalates into destroying her studio, where she writes. After demolishing her studio, a friend suggests Rachael go to a cabin on a lake her friend owns. It is away from the city. This is in order to get her out of the cross-hairs of the stalker.

Wounded veteran Randall Lewis has been discharged from the Marines. He was in a roadside bombing in Afghanistan and injured his leg. He also suffers from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. He is trying to figure out what to do with his life. He asks a friend if he can borrow his cabin for some peace and quiet. The friend asks Randall to look after Rachael, if trouble occurs, which is highly unlikely.

Rachael and Randall are sharing the same cabin. Their passion for each other flares. Rachael tries to get Randall to open up about his accident. She is hoping that he can let go of the guilt he carries, because he survived and his fellow Marines did not.

The stalker finds Rachael and tries to abduct her. This fails. He then sees that Rachael and Randall have become passionate lovers. He is enraged, because he believes Rachael belongs to him. He must kill Randall in order to get Rachael for himself. Can Randall survive and save her again?


Short Bio

teresa reitnauerTeresa is a writer of romance and romantic suspense. The Haunted and The Hunted is her first book written. She is following through with her dreams with this book, and has more ideas for future books.

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